Markakol Lake

Surrounded by mountains and close to the China border in East Kazakhstan Province’s far northeast corner, the “Pearl of the Altai ”is an astonishingly beautiful but remote mountain lake fed by more than 100 streams, but with only one river, the Kalzhyr, flowing south out of it to the Irtysh. Situated 1,485 metres above sea level, Markakol is 38km long, up to 19km wide and reaches 30 metres deep in some places, and is full of fish, including the uskutsh, a type of lenok trout prized by fishermen. The lake, along with the pristine mountain taiga forests of larch and birch that surround it, is part of the 75,000-hectare Markakol Nature Reserveboasting 700 species of plant life, 254 bird species and many rare mammals.

Kazakhstan is a country of contrasts in many meanings, either geographically, historically or economically. It's the country in the crossroads of two different cultures of Europe and Asia. It represents both the old and the modern lifestyles. It's within Central Asia, the region that is less travelled.

*** The Himalayas The Himalayas Abodes of snow Truly the ranges Where gods reside. Sun keeps crawling Across the peaks Gorgeous beauty Beckons the climbers. Hillary and Norgay Took no rest Until they reached Mount Everest. There were others Who scaled the peaks And there were many Who could never reach. Nanga Parbat Kanchenjunga Mount Kailash... Just a few peaks. Ganges and Indus Mekong and Yangtze... Perennial rivers start And civilization flows. Himalaya mountains Panoramic views Invite us all To behold and rejoice. by Tirupathi Chandrupatla

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